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At its most basic level, food is necessary for life. It enhances the experience of eating when we also enjoy the food, but we primarily have to eat in order to stay alive. In human history, most humans must have gotten the "what should I eat" question right because the human species still exists. So why are so many people now dying from chronic diseases that are caused by unhealthy eating? How and when did we start eating the wrong things?

For us, the plantstrong life is about more than just the food. We originally planned to start a food blog to share plant-based recipes. But the more we thought about it, the more we realized that we wanted to expand the focus to include more than just recipes by also sharing the other lifestyle changes we are making.  Changing how we eat has improved our health and helped us to live more compassionate lives.

So in addition to providing healthy and delicious recipes, we also want to use our experiences to offer practical advice about how to live this lifestyle in the real world.

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